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Rubbed with fragrant body oils

CASK No. 71.70
44,80 £GB
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Titre du Whisky 61.8%
Age 7 years
Distilled Date 1er Novembre 2011
Cask Type First Fill Ex-Bourbon Barrel
Profil aromatique Young & spritely
Outturn du whisky 1 of 254 bottles
Région du whisky Speyside


Perfumed aromas suggested rose-scented soap and bath time in a flower garden whilst creamy notes delivered vanilla and coconut over dried apples and apricots. A wave of caramel flooded the palate before being invigorated by hot chillies and ginger. Then warm fudge emerged and softened alongside chamomile tea and orange blossom. Water brought out more of a scented caress as talcum powder unified with rose and lavender body oils. A sprinkling of nutmeg joined demerara sugar and sherbet along with vanilla sponge cake and pink icing. Finally, pineapple and rhubarb crumble arrived with plenty of custard as we relaxed with a finish that perfectly balanced sweet fruits and chocolate with dry tannins and coconut husk.