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Nicaraguan WD40 dunderfunk

CASK No. R8.6
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Titre du Whisky 68.9%
Age 19 years
Cask Type Refill Ex-Bourbon Barrel
Distilled Date 31 Décembre 1998
Région du whisky Nicaragua


The Panel found bananas baked in brown sugar, toasted coconut shavings, pineapple chunks dipped in glue, dunder funk and molten Raclette cheese. Fermenting lemons and gomme syrup were also mentioned. Water brought notes of glossy magazines, ginger biscuits, horseradish, strawberry liqueur, English mustard, new handbags, mint julep, salted caramel and baked turnip. The palate arrived on a mini-tide of sea water and foam shrimps. Evolving further with funky pickled blueberries, poached pear liqueur, banana liqueur, ointment, hessian cloth, overripe pineapple and caramelised brown sugar. With dilution The Panel noted mechanical oils, WD40, cherry lip sweeties, an abundance of esters, pear drops, foam bananas, grog, spun sugar, earthen floors, antiseptic-soaked bandages, fermenting tropical fruits and a slice of brown bread.