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Gin discovery pack

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Dive head-first into our latest gin offering with a Discovery Pack from a new distillery. Nestled in the heart of Perthshire and famous for its craft distillation process, the pack features five 25ml drams of never-seen-before bottlings from distillery GN2. Each one is matured in a different wood type to showcase a huge spectrum of flavours, making it perfect as a gift for the gin-lover in your life (or simply a wee festive treat for yourself!)

• GN2.1 I found my thrill 1st fill ex-Madeira barrel 56.6%

• GN2.2 Peppery potpourri New chestnut wood barrel 57.6%

• GN2.3 Lemony, limey lychee New beech wood barrel 57.0%

• GN2.4 Different at every turn New pear wood barrel 57.3%

• GN2.5 Honey eucalyptus leaf New acacia wood barrel 57.8%