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Autumn camp fire in Nicaragua

CASK No. R8.4
68,50 £GB
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Titre du Whisky 57.5%
Age 12 years
Cask Type Refill Ex-Bourbon Barrel
Distilled Date 31 Décembre 2004
Région du whisky Nicaragua


The Autumn camp fire was glowing as we sat down to reminisce this rum. You could hear the wood crackling and smell the smoke as slowly burnt. Toasted marshmallows with chocolate were on my mind I took in the aroma. On first sip, whoa. Intense heat like red hot chilli peppers smothered in sweet dark chocolate. A little water should quell the fire. It did. It also brought a little citrus peel & tropical fruit tannins like I had left my fruit teabag in my mug too long. The camp fire was now out but we were still warmed by the long-peppered finish.