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A slice of Pastis Gascon

CASK No. A4.3
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Titre du Whisky 47.3%
Age 2004 years
Cask Type Armagnac Barrel
Région du whisky Bas Armagnac


We began with nostalgic aromas of orange segments at halloween, with sweet treats of chocolate and nougat. “Dookin’ for apples”* exclaimed one panellist, whilst those apples were wrapped up in a luxurious Pastis Gascon** for another.  An almost woody nuttiness enveloped the experience, whilst juicy pineapple pastries had the panel floating towards the rewards on a “Disney” inspired cloud of temptation.  The body was full, as was the taste.  Obvious leather and orange notes were accompanied by Werther's Original and white chilli chocolate nibs.  “Easy drinking” was the general vibe, but the complexity made this so much more.  If you wish to spend an age enjoying a glass, you shall. *Also known as "bobbing for apples". The aim is to grab floating apples from a basin of water with your teeth. **A delicious Gascon apple tart made with filo pastry.